Got a Rash? How to Tell When It's Time to Visit a Medical Clinic

If you've developed a rash, you should be able to take care of it with over-the-counter medications. Minor allergic reactions can often cause skin rashes. But, there are times when rashes are a sign of more serious ailments. When that happens, you need to seek help at a nearby medical clinic. Here are four signs that will help you to determine if your rash requires immediate medical attention.  You Have a Fever

Ways Hormone Therapy Helps Men With Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Synthetic Hormones

Bodybuilders or other types of athletes often rely on a dense level of muscles to compete at a high level. Unfortunately, it is often very tempting for those in this position to try synthetic hormones as a way of increasing their success. This step is a huge mistake because it can cause erectile dysfunction that may require the use of hormone replacement therapy to properly manage. How Synthetic Hormones May Trigger ED