Ways Hormone Therapy Helps Men With Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Synthetic Hormones

Bodybuilders or other types of athletes often rely on a dense level of muscles to compete at a high level. Unfortunately, it is often very tempting for those in this position to try synthetic hormones as a way of increasing their success. This step is a huge mistake because it can cause erectile dysfunction that may require the use of hormone replacement therapy to properly manage.

How Synthetic Hormones May Trigger ED

Men who take synthetic hormones for performance enhancement — such as building bigger muscles for a weight-lifting competition — are doing their body a grave disservice. Yes, these hormones may help them build stronger muscles and compete at a higher level in these competitions. However, they can also trigger erectile dysfunction — also known as ED — and cause a lot of issues with a man's life.

For example, ED or impotence can cause romantic problems with a man's partner by making it very hard for them to have any sexual encounters. And as ED worsens, a man may feel it is impossible to achieve an erection at any time and may end up experiencing emotional struggles that make it very hard for him to be happy and healthy. As a result, hormone replacement therapy may be necessary.

Ways Hormone Replacement May Help

Hormone replacement therapy is a process that uses what is known as bio-identical hormones to help balance a person's chemicals in the body. They are different than synthetic hormones, which stop the production of natural hormones, because they are natural and won't trigger a halt of hormone creation. Instead, they can boost a man's hormone levels much higher and help to restore that delicate balance.

Once achieved, a man's body is likely to start producing hormones at the proper level on its own and restore a man's ability to achieve an erection. Though this type of therapy may take multiple applications to be fully successful, it is one of the best ways for a man suffering from hormone levels to balance them and defeat ED for good in their life.

That said, some men may not immediately respond to hormone therapy in the same way. Their body may stubbornly refuse to start producing those hormones at the proper level again. As a result, he may need repeated treatments throughout his life to stave off ED. However, for a man in the prime of his life — and who wants to compete at a high level as a bodybuilder — the choice is obvious.

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