Got a Rash? How to Tell When It's Time to Visit a Medical Clinic

If you've developed a rash, you should be able to take care of it with over-the-counter medications. Minor allergic reactions can often cause skin rashes. But, there are times when rashes are a sign of more serious ailments. When that happens, you need to seek help at a nearby medical clinic. Here are four signs that will help you to determine if your rash requires immediate medical attention. 

You Have a Fever

If you have a minor rash, it should go away on its own in a matter of hours or days. Also, a minor rash shouldn't come with a fever. If you've developed a fever with your rash, it's important that you visit a medical clinic right away. Fevers are often a sign that the rash is caused by an infection, or that you're in the middle of a more serious allergic reaction to something. If that's the case, you need medical attention. 

Your Rash Is Spreading

If you've developed a rash, watch the size. Your rash should stay roughly the same size throughout its course. If your rash starts to spread, you need to take it more seriously. This is especially true if the rash spreads quickly. If your rash has continued to spread, it's time to visit a medical clinic. Rashes that are caused by an allergic reaction to certain medications can start small, and spread quickly. If you've developed a rash after recently starting a new medication, seek medical attention right away. This is especially important if you're having difficulty breathing. 

You Have a Blister-Type Rash

If you started out with a small rash that has developed blisters, it's time to visit a medical clinic. The rash could be a sign that you've come in contact with poison ivy. Poison ivy rashes start out looking simple enough. But, over time, they develop into large, blustery rashes. Once the rash turns into blisters, the sores become painfully itchy. Unfortunately, if you scratch, the wound can become infected. In addition, the rash can spread to other areas of your body. As soon as your rash develops blisters head to a medical clinic near you. 

Your Rash Is Oozing

Finally, if your rash becomes red and inflamed, or begins to ooze a foul-smelling discharge, you need to visit a medical clinic immediately. Oozing and inflammation is a sign that you've developed a secondary infection. That infection will need to be treated right away.

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