Why Is It Important To Get A Flu Shot?

Flu season is almost here and this is the time when many people are getting their flu vaccine. Of course, the main reason for getting a flu vaccine is to help prevent yourself from getting influenza. However, the flu vaccine is beneficial for a variety of other reasons as well. These are some reasons why it is very important to get a flu shot.

Protecting Others Around You

If you have family members, friends or coworkers that you come into close contact with on a regular basis, it is likely that you may at times pass certain contagious illnesses on to them. Influenza is a highly contagious disease. If you get a flu vaccine, the chances of your getting the flu are greatly reduced. Therefore those around you are less likely to get sick as well. 

Protecting Those With Weak Immune Systems

Elderly people, infants and people with certain chronic illnesses may already have a weak immune system. These people are most likely to contract the flu if they are exposed to it. They are also more likely to become severely ill and may need to be hospitalized while trying to get well because their immune systems are not strong enough to fight off influenza. It is extremely important for those who have weak immune systems to get a flu shot so they can avoid becoming seriously ill. However, infants must be at least 6 months of age before getting a flu vaccine.

Less Time Missed At Work

When a person has the flu, they will most likely be unable to work for at least a week and maybe longer. For those who do not get sick pay when they have to miss work due to illness, this can result in a hard blow to their finances. Fortunately, getting the flu vaccine and avoiding the illness can mean less time missed at work and less pay loss as well.

It is possible to contract the flu even if you have been vaccinated. This rarely happens, but when it does, the person has much milder symptoms and often recovers more quickly than they would have without the vaccination. Getting the flu vaccine also helps prevent a mild case of the flu from developing into a more severe illness, such as pneumonia. The flu shot can also save lives. Thousands of people die from influenza every year. Many of these deaths may have been prevented had those people gotten a flu shot.