Consider Including IV Therapy In Your Bachelorette Or Bachelor Party Planning

If you've been asked to be the maid of honor or best man for a friend or family member, you'll be in charge of planning the bachelorette or bachelor party. As you scour the internet for party ideas for the bash, you'll discover many different ways to celebrate the last adventure of singlehood, including joint parties with both partners. 

Regardless of what type of party you plan to throw, alcohol consumption is likely the one thing that is involved in most bachelorette and bachelor parties. And along with alcohol consumption comes hangovers, so include IV therapy as you plan the bash. 

What is IV therapy for hangovers? 

IV therapy for hangovers involves using intravenous (IV) hydration therapy to quickly restore the depleted hydration, nutrients, and vitamins that are expelled by the body when consuming alcohol. IV therapy can help partygoers to recover quicker from having a hangover than if they were to drink water. 

The hydration is provided intravenously so the digestive system is skipped, which means IV therapy allows for the cells to be rehydrated faster. Additionally, IV therapy is not just a saline solution but it also typically has vitamins and nutrients that can help you defeat your hangover.

Where can IV therapy be done? 

IV therapy and infusions can be done at a health spa or similar establishment. However, some IV therapy providers travel to clients rather than the clients traveling to an office or health spa. These traveling IV therapy sessions can be done just about anywhere, provided that there is comfortable seating for the partygoers and a flat surface for the IV drip equipment to sit on.

Ideally, the IV therapy can be done at the end of the party if you're partying all night, whether by a traveling IV therapist or at the health spa. Alternatively, you can arrange for the partygoers to meet at the health spa the day after the party. Be sure that the provider is licensed and certified to perform IV therapy infusions before booking them for your bachelorette or bachelor party. 

You'll simply need to consider what is available in and around the area where and when the party will take place and plan the IV therapy session accordingly. Contact IV therapy providers in your area for more information on the types of services they provide as well as information on whether or not they will travel and how far. 

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