COVID-19 Testing Policies

COVID-19 tests are offered at no cost at many medical centers and pharmacies located nationwide. If you have been experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and must be tested prior to returning to work, learn about testing procedures and contact a representative of a testing center that you would like to utilize.

A Drive-Thru Versus An Indoor Test Setting

Many medical clinics and pharmacies are offering drive-thru services. This type of service minimizes the number of germs that are exposed to others. Some testing sites may have a facilitator on duty who will perform a nasal or saliva swab test. This person will wear personal protective clothing, which will prevent the transmission of germs.

Alternate testing facilities may require that each client performs a test from the confines of their vehicle. This testing procedure may include verbal assistance from a clerk who is within a pharmacy or a similar business.

A client will need to use a sterile swab to collect a nasal or saliva specimen. They will be instructed to place their swab inside of a sealed bag, prior to returning it to a clerk who is monitoring the drive-thru window. An indoor test setting will feature a waiting area and testing stations. As testing becomes available, each client will be called upon.

Wait Times And Rules

Rapid testing and lab testing are two options that are being offered with COVID-19 tests. Rapid testing will ensure that a client receives their results on the same day that a test is performed. Lab testing will require a client to be tested onsite and for their sample to be sent to a lab. Test results may be ready within a couple of days.

If you choose the latter type of testing procedure, you may receive a call from the testing facility or pharmacy that you utilize. The call will be in regards to your test results. Upon receiving the results, you can pick up a copy of them. This copy will validate that you do not have COVID-19 or that you do have COVID-19. If you do have COVID-19, you can furnish your employer with a copy of your test results.

The copy will prove that you are legitimately sick. You should remain at home while you are recovering. When you feel better, your employer may require you to have an additional test performed. The second test will be needed if your employer is requiring that you receive negative test results. Once you have negative test results, you will be able to return to work and perform your regular job duties.

For more information on COVID-19 tests, contact a local physician.