How ADHD Treatment Can Help Your Child Become a Better Athlete

Now that school is back in session, tryouts for soccer, football, cheerleading, and other popular sports are in full swing. Unfortunately, kids with undiagnosed ADHD often struggle with athletic activities. Sports require discipline, focus, and teamwork, all of which can be difficult if your child has unmanaged ADHD. However, the right ADHD treatment can help your child succeed in sports, academics, and the social scene. If you're on the fence about getting an ADHD evaluation for your child, consider these three potential benefits of symptom management.  

1) ADHD Treatment Can Improve Focus

Scoring the winning soccer goal or leading your team to victory on the basketball court is tricky if your young athlete isn't paying attention to the game. Treating the symptoms of ADHD can help your child become more focused and attentive. This benefits your child, but it also prevents them from letting down their team during an important game. 

2) Managing ADHD Symptoms Can Enhance Social Skills

When you're part of a team, you have to learn to work together. Kids with untreated ADHD often struggle with social interactions, which can make it hard to be a team player. Your athlete may dominate conversations with preferred topics, interrupt teammates during bonding exercises, or become distracted while the coach reviews important gameplays. Addressing ADHD symptoms before they escalate helps your child become a vital part of the team, whether they're kicking a football across the field or racing around the track.

3) Treatment for ADHD Can Reduce Negative Outbursts

Kids with ADHD are prone to explosive outbursts when they're tired, angry, or stressed. Your athlete may stomp across the field, yell at other players, or even damage equipment when they're upset. These actions are disruptive, and they can upset teammates and coaches. In fact, a history of inappropriate behavior or poor sportsmanship may even get your child kicked off the team.

Your child doesn't have to live in fear of getting removed from an activity they enjoy. With the right treatment, your child's practices, games, and other team activities can become fun events rather than stressful situations.

Many athletic activities require school physicals for participating students. When you schedule school physical exams for your family, it's also a great time to request ADHD evaluations. This is especially important if any of your children show symptoms of ADHD, such as restlessness, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, or attention issues.

ADHD is manageable with timely medical care. Help your kids thrive on and off the field by researching ADHD treatment options. Contact health and medical services to learn more.