Answering Questions About Recovering From Addiction

Addiction can be a devastating health problem for a person to experience. Unfortunately, many individuals with this condition may be uninformed about their options for combating their addiction so that they can take back control over their lives.

Will You Have To Stay In An In-Patient Facility To Receive Addiction Treatments?

In-patient addiction treatment facilities can be among the more popular options for those that are needing assistance with their recovery. However, this is not the only option that is available to patients struggling with addiction. At-home addiction treatment services can allow a person to receive many benefits these programs offer while still being able to enjoy the comfort and privacy of their homes. Unfortunately, there are some addictions that may require a stay at an in-patient facility for the first few days. This is due to the risks that are associated with detoxification. Severe alcoholism and opioid addiction can be two examples of addictions that can require medical monitoring during the detoxification period.

Can An At-Home Addiction Recovery Service Provide Quality Treatment?

While a patient may be interested in the benefits of an at-home addiction recovery service, they may question whether these services are able to provide patients with quality assistance and care. In reality, the professionals staffed by these services will have ample experience in providing support and care for patients who are recovering from their addiction. Furthermore, at-home addiction recovery services may provide patients with emergency contact phone numbers and chat applications that can be used to speak to a therapist whenever the patient is particularly struggling with their addiction.

How Long Will You Require The At Home Addiction Recovery Services?

The process of recovering from a severe addiction can be a lengthy process that will require a person to invest many months into their initial recovery. This is due to the need for a patient to learn various skills that can allow them to better manage their addiction. Due to the highly personalized way that addiction impacts each person uniquely, the amount of time that a patient will need for this more intensive part of the recovery can vary significantly. Additionally, the patient will likely be recommended to participate in support groups due to these groups helping those recovering from addiction remain strong in resisting the urge to use these drugs again. The treatment specialist from the addiction recovery service will be able to provide regular assessments to help determine the scope of care that is needed so the patient can achieve and maintain sobriety.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for at-home addiction recovery services near you.