Additional Herbal Additives To Look For In Your CBD Gummies

Most people who take CBD gummies use them for medicinal or therapeutic reasons. CBD is a natural substance that can ease pain, reduce inflammation, and even relieve anxiety. Of course, there are many herbs and other natural substances that have similar healing effects. Some makers of CBD gummies have begun adding these additional herbs and ingredients to their gummies in order to create even more effective, beneficial gummies. Here are a few herbal additives to look for in CBD gummies.


Turmeric is a bright yellow herb that you may actually have in your spice cabinet. It has a soothing, warm flavor, and it is well known for its pain-relieving qualities. It is especially helpful for relieving chronic joint pain due to arthritis and old injuries. If you take CBD for this type of pain, it may be worth looking for gummies made with turmeric as well. The turmeric's pain relief benefits paired with CBD's amazing ability to reduce inflammation can give you great relief than you would get from either substance on its own. 

You can expect CBD gummies made with turmeric to be bright yellow-orange, but don't let the color turn you off. Companies commonly flavor these gummies with lemon or orange, as this matches the color and also creates a more balanced flavor.


Spirulina is technically not an herb. It's a specific type of blue-green algae. However, it is usually grouped with herbs because it comes in a powdered form and is a nutritional additive. Spirulina is known for its really high antioxidant content. This means it can help boost your immune system, slow aging, and protect your tissues from damage. If you take CBD as a general health supplement or to help fight the effects of aging, you may be even better off with CBD gummies made with spirulina. These will be blue-green in color.


Ginger is a tasty herb that helps reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and also soothe the digestive tract. If you take CBD for IBS or another gastrointestinal disorder, then CBD gummies made with ginger are a smart choice. The ginger will give you some instant relief, and the CBD will be absorbed to give you relief over time. Ginger has a nice flavor on its own, so CBD gummies with ginger are often naturally flavored.

CBD is a really helpful compound, and it can be even better when paired with other helpful ingredients. Look for CBD gummies with turmeric, ginger, or spirulina, depending on your needs.