First Grandbaby? 3 Ways To Help Your Daughter Through Pregnancy

You thought nothing would replace the excitement that you felt when you first had your kids. Now, your baby is having a baby, and becoming a grandma has you hoping the next several months fly by so that you can hold that newborn in your arms. While you know that your daughter has everything under control, you just can't help but want to share in the big moment. Use these tips to show your support as she works hard on having a healthy pregnancy.

Help Her Plan Prenatal Care

Once that pregnancy test is positive, the next step for any new mom is to find an obstetrician who will look after her and the baby. Help your daughter by talking to her about questions to ask to make sure the doctor she chooses will support her preferences for childbirth, and offer to go with her to appointments if she feels better having you there. Remember that prenatal appointments can be personal, so let her know you are available but don't push to be in the room.

Send Her Links to Pregnancy News

There is tons of information about pregnancy care out there today, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to sort through it all. Find a cool pregnancy blog or news site, and send your daughter a link. If she's feeling overwhelmed by all of the do's and don'ts of pregnancy, then keep it uplifting by finding stories that incorporate a bit of humor into the mix.

Ask Her Out For a Walk

As your daughter's pregnancy progresses, exercising can become uncomfortable. Encourage her to keep at it by asking her to go for a walk in the evenings. Walking together gives you both a chance to burn some calories while increasing your bond. Just remember to let her set the pace, and let her guide the conversations so that she can also benefit from talking out any concerns she has during the pregnancy.

If your daughter still lives at home, it can feel as though you have a greater responsibility for helping her have a healthy pregnancy. Yet it is also important to let loose of the reins since she is learning how to balance becoming a mother. By letting her know that you are near and waiting for her to ask for your help you can walk that delicate line as you anxiously await the big moment when you will become a grandmother. Contact a clinic like Vita Center For Women LLC  for more info and advice.