Tips For Choosing Great Glasses For Your Child

Some children need glasses at an early age so that they can see clearly. If an eye doctor has tested your child's vision and determined that he or she needs glasses, it is important to take your time when choosing which glasses to have made for your child to ensure that they will last a long time. Use the guide that follows to learn how to choose the right glasses for your child.

Choose Bendable Frames

Eyeglass designers know how rough children can be and that they do not always take care of their glasses the way that adults do. Bendable frames allow the glasses to be bent so that they do not snap when held improperly.

Choose Plastic Lenses

When you have glasses made for your child, it is best to choose plastic lenses over glass lenses. The plastic lenses are often stronger than glass so that they will not crack or shatter if the glasses are accidentally dropped. The plastic lenses can still be made to suit any prescription so your child can get the same vision correction he or she would get from glass lenses.

Give Your Child the Final Say

Be sure to let your child have the ultimate say about the color and style they want for their glasses. Your child needs to feel confident in their glasses if you want them to wear them. Making the final choice about which glasses they get may improve their desire to want to wear the glasses because they will view them as a fashion accessory rather than a corrective tool.

Purchase Any Optional Warranty Offered

Some glass shops offer a warranty for the replacement of the glasses if anything happens to them within a specific amount of time. Even glasses that are designed to be able to stand up to the wear and tear of children can break from time to time. Investing in the optional warranty insures that your child can have the glasses replaced if anything happens to them before the designated time passes without you having to invest in a whole new pair of glasses.

When your child finally gets their glasses, be sure to take the time to develop a routine for them so that they can learn how to properly care for their glasses. Be sure that they have a case to store them when they are not in use and learn how to clean the lenses with cleaner and a microfiber cloth to prevent the lenses from being scratched.  

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