Recovering From Post-Concussion Syndrome? Make Bathing Easier With These Mobility Aids

After being diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome, which is commonly referred to as PCS by patients and healthcare professionals, you may find that once-simple tasks are now difficult or painful. Bathing is one task that can be hard for patients with PCS who struggle with symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness, headaches, or nerve pain. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist about the following mobility aids to determine if any of them may be beneficial for your condition. 

Grab Bars

As you shampoo your hair or lather up your body, a wave of dizziness may hit, making you feel as if you are going to fall to the floor. A grab bar provides a sturdy, convenient fixture that you can comfortably hold as you bathe. Grab bars are constructed from durable materials, such as rust-resistant metal or thick plastic, that easily support your weight as you steady yourself in the shower.

If you plan to take a bath rather than a shower, look for a set of grab bars that you can install vertically. That way, you can reach for one bar at a time as you slowly pull yourself out of the water. 

Handheld Showers

Choose a comfortable spot in your tub or shower and relax as you spray your body with a lightweight handheld shower. Some individuals with PCS develop occipital neuralgia, a painful condition that affects the nerves in the scalp and head. Individuals with occipital neuralgia often experience severe discomfort when they wash their hair. If you developed nerve damage after your concussion, a handheld shower can ease your bathing pain by letting you control the pressure and destination of the water.

Handheld showers are also great if you are experiencing extreme fatigue as a result of your brain injury. You can sit down at the back of your shower without worrying about missing any globs of conditioner or patches of shaving cream when you rinse off.

Shower Seating

If you feel tired, dizzy, or lightheaded when you bathe, try sitting on a seat or stool designed specifically for the shower. This helps you remain grounded until your symptoms subside, reducing your chances of hitting your head and getting another concussion from a slip or fall.

Developing a second concussion before your PCS goes away can cause second-impact syndrome. Second-impact syndrome is often fatal, so you must protect yourself during everyday activities to reduce your chances of getting another concussion. 

It can take months, sometimes even years, to fully recover from post-concussion syndrome. Minimize the effect that unpleasant PCS symptoms have on your life by utilizing home mobility aids in the shower and bath. Check out websites like to see your options.