2 Reasons to Consider STD Testing

One of the most useful resources out there for any sexually active individual is STD testing. Many areas even offer free STD testing as a way to encourage individuals to routinely get tested and halt the spread of these diseases. You should consider STD testing for your own peace of mind and to provide yourself with the best possible treatments.

Peace of Mind

One of the biggest reasons to consider having yourself tested is to provide yourself with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are free of any sexually-transmitted disease. This is very important as there are many cases where an individual has an STD but does not have himself or herself tested because there are no symptoms.

In that situation, the lack of symptoms does not mean that you are not carrying an infectious disease, merely that the symptoms have not started yet. As a result, you could very well end up transmitting this disease unintentionally.

However, having yourself tested regularly can help diagnose an STD even if symptoms are not showing up yet, which will allow you to help prevent the spread of the disease. If the tests come back negative, then you can go about your life while having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your most recent sexual activity did not result in any illnesses. 

You should also consider having an STD test performed on you and any potential partners before engaging in sexual activity. Sure, many people do not really plan out there first sexual experience with someone, but that does expose them to a bit of risk. By making sure that you and your partner are tested before you have sex for the first time, you will both be absolutely certain that there is no risk of an STD or be fully informed about any STD so that you can take precautions that may prevent an STD from spreading from one partner to another.

Best Possible Treatments

Another reason to consider STD testing is that detecting an STD early can make it much easier to treat. Yes, many of these diseases are incurable at the moment, but many of them have quite a few treatment options that can make living with them easier, prevent them from spreading, and decreasing the likelihood that they will kill you. In most cases, the earlier your treatment starts, the more effective the medication will be.

Visit your local clinic or ask your doctor about free STD testing to ensure that you detect any possible STD as soon as possible in order to increase the effectiveness of any treatment options. In addition, consider getting tested even if you are not showing any symptoms of an STD simply in order to confirm that you are STD-free and will not unintentionally spread an STD.