Are You A Senior? 3 Things You Should Have Help With If You Cannot Get Out Of The House

If you are a senior and cannot get out of your home by yourself, there are a variety of services available to you so you can remain in your home alone. This can help you become more independent, as you will not have to worry about calling on your family and friends when you need things.

Pharmacy Medications

If you are on any type of medications, your pharmacy probably has a delivery service. The pharmacy will deliver your medications out the same day your doctor calls them in. If you are on a medicine that you take regularly, you can set up a schedule with the pharmacy.

If you have a new prescription, many pharmacies let you go online and enter the prescription number, and then have them delivered to your door.


If you are disabled and cannot cook for yourself, there are many services that you can contact to have your meals delivered to your home.

Meals usually come to your home hot and ready to eat. They are meal sized and in foil packs. Simply remove the cover and eat, or you can reheat and eat it later. You can also have a variety of meal packs that come frozen. You can store them in your freezer to have on the days the delivery service may be closed. The meal home delivery may also have soups and deserts. You will have a menu of the food they offer so you can choose what you like to add to it. They will have nutritious food, along with food that diabetics can eat, low fat, low carb, etc.

These services do charge for their service. Most of them will work with you to agree to an amount that you can easily afford.

Concierge Service

A concierge service provides non-medical help, such as going places for you, such as the library, grocery store, or pharmacy delivery. They also do many other things such as:

  • Provide companionship and friendship
  • Do some light housekeeping
  • Arrange for grounds maintenance and household repairs
  • Help go through your mail to help you understand what you receive
  • Assist with doctor's appointments

There are many other services to help you, such as a beautician coming to your home to cut and style your hair, someone to walk and play with your pet, if you have one, and much more.  Ask your family to help you find these services, or you can look online for what is available in your area.