Six Often Overlooked Symptoms That Could Indicate An Underactive Thyroid Gland

Thyroid disorders can be tricky. Often, the symptoms they cause are very non-specific, meaning that they're easy to overlook or blame on something less sinister like the flu or lack of sleep. Many people live with an underactive thyroid gland for years, simply because they don't realize the symptoms they're experiencing are anything worth mentioning to their doctors. However, since untreated hypothyroidism can lead to complications like heart problems and infertility, it's important to tell your doctor if you're experiencing any of these often-subtle symptoms of an underactive thyroid.


If you're having trouble "going number 2," the default is often to blame your digestive system or a lack of fiber intake. However, if increasing your fiber intake does not make you more regular, it's time to consider the possibility that an underactive thyroid gland is slowing your digestive tract down.

Excessive Sweating

Some people do naturally sweat more than others, but if you find that you're sweating buckets after a walk or a game when your friends are barely glistening, there's a chance your thyroid is to blame.


There are many possible causes of exhaustion, and it could be that you're just working too hard and not getting enough sleep. However, if you're exhausted even after sleeping well all week and taking some time to yourself, this may be due to hypothyroidism. People with underactive thyroids often begin withdrawing from activities they used to love simply because they don't feel they have the energy to do them anymore.


When you're feeling anxious, ask yourself if there is a reason why you feel that way. If you have a big test or meeting coming up, your anxiety may be normal. However, if you feel anxious for seemingly no reason at all, or if even everyday situations are making you anxious, your thyroid may be to blame.

Dry Skin

Is your skin always itchy and dry, no matter how much lotion you slather on? You may want to have your water tested to see if you have hard water, as this is a common cause of itchy skin. However, if your water is soft, or if you're experiencing dry skin in combination with other symptoms on this list, you should consult your doctor and ask for your thyroid hormone levels to be tested.

Cold Sensitivity

Can everyone else go outside in a t-shirt, while you must bundle up in a sweater and a jacket? There's usually a reason why someone becomes overly sensitive to the cold. Sometimes, less serious conditions like anemia are to blame, but there's a chance it's your thyroid.

All of these symptoms have multiple possible causes, many of which are minor and not too worrisome. However, since there's a chance your symptoms may be caused by a deficiency of thyroid hormones, you're always best off having your levels checked by someone at a place like Alpine Ear, Nose & Throat, PC if you notice these issues popping up.