When Is It Time To Get An Asbestos Inspection In Your Home?

Asbestos remediation services can be expensive, which leads some homeowners to put off their asbestos removal until it's necessary. Left undisturbed and undamaged, asbestos is relatively harmless. Asbestos fibers are only a threat to humans when they become airborne and are breathed into the lungs. In homes where the asbestos is intact, occupants can live safely for years or decades. However, knowing the condition of the asbestos is an important part of living safely in a home. These tips will help you know when it's time to get an asbestos inspection. 

At the Time of Remodeling

Remodeling will alter the existing structure of a home and can cause damage to asbestos. Knowing whether or not the asbestos is likely to be damaged during a remodeling project will help you and your family stay safe. Have an inspection done before any remodeling work is done on your home. To be safe, get an inspection done after the remodel has taken place as well, to check the condition of the asbestos and ensure that the home is safe for occupancy.

After A Natural Disaster

Natural disasters can disrupt parts of the home that contain asbestos. This is especially true of homes hit by earthquakes, where existing asbestos can become broken or torn during the quake or in its aftereffects. If your home has recently been through an earthquake or another disaster (including fire and flood), get an asbestos inspection immediately. 

After a Major Repair or Upgrade

Asbestos can become damaged by unknowing contractors and handymen during major repairs or upgrades. Plumbing repair, insulation upgrades, duct work repair and other changes to the household can damage the asbestos. Asbestos inspections after this type of work is conducted can give homeowners peace of mind that their house is safe.

Older homes can contain asbestos in the ceiling, insulation and ductwork without a homeowner even being aware of its existence. If your home has recently been through a natural disaster, a big repair or a remodel, it's time to get an asbestos inspection--even if you have never been told that your home contains asbestos. Asbestos inspections must be conducted by a qualified and trained professional. DIY homeowners who attempt to identify and assess the condition of their asbestos can do damage that puts themselves and members of their household in danger. To find out if your home has an asbestos problem, contact a certified inspector today online at a site like http://www.arguspacific.com.