Can't Hear Properly with Your Hearing Aid? Try These Solutions to Common Problems

When you finally get used to your hearing aid, you may think that your hearing problems are over. However, over time, you may start to have a problem hearing with your device. Here are some common problems that you may experience, as well as solutions that might help your hearing aid work properly again.

Howling or Whistling

One common problem that many hearing aid wearers experience is hearing extra sounds in their device. Whistling, howling, and other noises aren't uncommon. One of the reasons you may be experiencing these sounds is that the hearing aid is simply not inserted properly. Take it out and reinsert the device to see if that makes a difference. If not, the problem may be that ear wax has accumulated in your ear canal, causing sounds to distort. In that case, see your audiologist about cleaning the wax out of your ear completely.

If you notice that the tubing on your hearing aid is hard and yellowish, this may be another reason that you are having this problem. Talk to your audiologist about replacing the tubing.

No Sound at All

When there is no sound at all, the first thing to do is to check the device's battery. It is easy for you to become busy and forget that you need to change hearing aid batteries on a regular basis. After making sure you've got a fresh battery in the device, make sure that the battery contacts are not rusted and corroded, which can mean you need to take a trip to the hearing aid vendor and possibly replace the device.

Another reason you may not hear anything is that there is a problem with the microphone opening. That may be clogged by ear wax, in which case you simply need to take a small brush, such as a clean old toothbrush, and brush the wax off of the microphone.

Distorted Tones

If you are able hear people speaking but something seems off and the voices seem distorted, there may be a problem with the fit of the ear mold. This may be especially true if you have recently lost or gained a lot of weight; you may not realize that your weight can affect how the ear mold sits in your ear. You may need to be refitted for a new mold.

With the tips above, you may be able to solve the problem you are having with your hearing aid. Talk to your audiologist or hearing aid repair vendor about ensuring that your device continues to work well over time.