3 Housing Options For Seniors

If you have a relative that is reaching retirement age, it might be time to start thinking about their senior housing options. While it is difficult to think they may someday move out of their family home, this isn't always an option for everyone. However, many senior housing communities nowadays provide nursing care, daily activities, entertainment, and excellent socialization, making them an excellent alternative to remaining at home. Here are three housing options that seniors can choose from:

Independent Living

The first option for your relative is independent living. This is for seniors who are still able to perform most daily activities on their own, such as eating, bathing, walking, and using the toilet. There are many different independent living communities available, from apartment buildings to condominiums. There are also two bedroom homes if you think they will want a little more space, especially if their spouse will be joining them.

Independent living is best for seniors who need some minor assistance, but can still do most things on their own. For example, your mother might struggle with standing over a hot stove to cook, but has no problem feeding herself. It is beneficial over living at her own home because there are benefits like socializing with other seniors, no maintenance of the home or grounds, and help with things she needs help with.

Assisted Living

For seniors who need a little more help at home, there is assisted living. This is a good housing option if your relative needs assistance with some of their daily living activities, such as making sure they take their medications and providing transportation or laundry services to help out. Some assisted living communities also provide limited nursing care, just in case your relative needs it.

Assisted living is ideal for seniors who don't quite need a nursing home environment, but do need assistance with daily living. It includes a wider variety of personal care services than what you get at an independent living facility, but does not have regular medical care. If you have a grandfather who doesn't have a chronic illness, but is a little too weak to perform certain activities, this can be a good option.

Nursing Homes

The last option is a nursing home, which is for seniors who need medical care in addition to personal care services for daily living. It is for seniors who need more medical care and nursing services, but don't want to live in a hospital setting. Typically, nursing homes are large buildings, where the seniors each live in individual rooms, as opposed to their own apartment or condo.

There are nurse and doctors in-house that can provide services as needed, as well as other medical professionals, including physical therapists. If your grandmother was recently hospitalized and will be released, but still needs regular medical care, a nursing home is a good option.

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