Don't Fall: Tips For Avoiding Tripping Hazards For Seniors

 A simple action such as heading to the mailbox can become very dangerous when you are having a difficult time seeing, your muscles are weakened and you do not feel like you have the same agility. Luckily, if you have your home designed properly, you can keep the risk of slipping and falling as low as possible.

Walk Through Your Home with a Friend

Have a friend or family member walk with you throughout your home to look for anything that you could potentially trip over. A good second set of eyes can help you notice tripping hazards, such as clutter, cords or a pet bowl. Electrical cords are often a challenge and need to be taped so that they are out of the way. If possible, find cords that are shorter so that the excess cord does not become a tripping hazard.

Adjust Your Carpet and Rugs

Say goodbye to long carpet fibers. These can get caught on your feet and cause you to trip and fall. Make sure that all rugs are secured so that they cannot get pulled up and become a tripping hazard. Rugs should be completely removed from areas that are common hazards, such as near stairs.

Get Rid of Clutter

Being able to see properly is just as important as eliminating clutter. Make sure that you have bright and evenly spread out illumination throughout your home. Also, make sure that you use lampshades to minimize glare. Your light switches always need to be easily accessible so that you are not left in the dark trying to get to a light switch.

Redesign Your Stairs for Safety

Stairs are a challenging area. You will need to always have handrails so that you can use them to maintain your balance. Also, look at your steps to make sure that they are in good condition. You must never have a missing or damaged step that can cause you to trip.

Take Great Care Yourself

Even when you take steps to make your home safer from tripping and falling, this won't necessarily protect you from new forms of clutter that can form in your home. You will need to stay in the moment to avoid new hazards that develop. Pay attention to each step you make to make sure that you don't step make the step clumsily. Look at the floor first. Then, look up to make sure there is nothing you can hit your head on. Always take your time and you'll avoid a fall that can cause an injury. If you feel like you do not have enough help avoiding falls, consider finding senior care services such as ComForcare - Texas Hill Country or another company.