3 Ways That A Chiropractor Can Help Deeply Injured Muscles

If you have deeply injured back or neck muscles, then seeking chiropractic help through a company like Arizona Injury Centers /Accident Chiropractic is important for the healing process. Here are 3 ways in which a chiropractor can help your back and neck muscles to heal.

Ultrasound Therapy

Did you know that an ultrasound can be done to heal your muscles? While ultrasounds are traditionally thought to be used for pregnancy, the ultrasound waves can penetrate your muscles and help them to heal.

When you go to your chiropractor, he or she will apply warming gel that will help the blood circulation in your injured muscles. This is important because more blood flood allows for greater pain relief and the ability to heal.

Next, the chiropractor will apply the ultrasound wand to your back directly on the spot where you are hurting the most. He or she can do this for several minutes while moving the wand around the hurt muscles. This should be one of the most relaxing treatments you will receive, as it is virtually pain free and does not require you to twist or strain at all.

Rolling Table Therapy

Using a rolling table is another way for a chiropractor to help your injured back. A rolling table is a specialized piece of equipment that is flat, and it is has a large roller that spans from left to right. When you lay down on the table, the roller will move up a few inches to press against your back, and then it will roll from head to toe so that it covers your entire body.

This will help to roll out aches and pains, as well as deeply massage the injured muscles. To make this therapy as effective as possible, try to lay completely still and let your body be limp. The more body weight you can press against the roller, the better it will be able to help.

TENS Therapy

Lastly, TENS therapy can be done at your chiropractor's office or at home. This therapy is very soothing and will send electric pulses to your hurt muscles when you attach special gel pads.

One of the nice things about a TENS unit is that you can control how gentle or intense the pulse is, so you can increase its effectiveness as your muscles grow stronger. You can get a unit from your doctor and do this every day at home for constant relief.

By doing these 3 things, you can help your injured muscles to heal and feel whole again.