How To Convince Your Unwilling Husband To Get A Chiropractic Adjustment

You've been going to the chiropractor for a number of years. The one day your husband decides to accompany you into the adjustment room, you let out a mighty groan as the chiropractor twists your neck. He's so traumatized that now he won't set foot into the chiropractic clinic. How can you convince him that chiropractic care isn't going to scar him for life?

You can tell him some of the benefits, such as pain treatment, better mobility, and stress and headache relief, but this won't help if you can't get him the door in the first place. You can tell him that little babies get adjustments. Or, you can tell him that chiropractic care has been around since 1895, and that it is taught by major universities in the United States. You can also tell him that your groan was just because of escaping joint gases and that the endorphins took over seconds later. If your testimonial still hasn't convinced him, maybe this disclaimer will work:

"No joints were harmed in the manipulation of this individual. Any tenderness is unique to the individual and related to the soft tissue connected to the skeleton."

If the benefits and disclaimer won't work, you can always appeal to the practical side of your husband. Insurance often covers your chiropractic care.

Now that's likely gotten his attention. If he's feeling comfortable about how chiropractic care will affect his wallet, then you can explain to him what he can expect from his first visit:

  • No chiropractor likes to work blind. Most get X-rays on your first visit. These X-rays are increasingly digital, so radiation exposure is light.
  • Family history and your history will be taken. It's often very thorough and the chiropractor will discuss your history in light of your X-rays.
  • You may or may not get an adjustment at your first visit. You are the captain of your ship. You let your chiropractor know if you're ready.
  • If your chiropractor has a water massage bed, ask to try it out. That alone might be enough to keep your husband coming back. He may come home smiling.

Further explain that it's a natural response to try something you've never tried before. Chiropractors understand that, as a newbie, you are fearful. They understand that it can be disconcerting at first hearing the words "manipulation" and "adjustment." To alleviate some of your husband's fears, make sure that he understands that he can ask questions, and that he can ask the chiropractor to be explicit in explaining everything that is happening to his body. Remind him that you wouldn't be going if it didn't help you.