Stroke Paralysis Victim: How A Home Care Nurse Can Help & How To Get The Service On A Budget

Did you have a stroke that left you with limited use of your legs? A home care nurse can help you with some of the activities you are no longer able to do in an efficient manner. Below, you will discover how a home care nurse can help you with daily activities and how you can get the service when living on a small budget.

How Can a Home Care Nurse Help with Daily Activities After a Stroke?

When stroke paralysis has left your legs without a lot of strength, it can be hard getting up to take care of yourself each day. A home health care nurse can help you get into the shower or take a bath. He or she will also assist you with choosing outfits and will help you put them on if you desire the assistance.

A few of the other services the home care nurse will provide include:

  • Exercising your legs
  • Cooking light meals
  • Helping to clean your home
  • Putting bill payments in the mail

A home care nurse can also check your vital statistics each time that he or she visits. It is important for your blood pressure levels to be monitored if it is the reason you had a stroke. Close monitoring will give you the opportunity to seek medical attention in a timely manner if your blood pressure rises to a dangerous level, as having another stroke can be fatal.

How Can Home Care Nurse Services be Obtained on a Small Budget?

You may be able to hire a home care nurse without having to dig into your personal income if you are living on a small budget. It is a good idea for you to look into applying for Medicaid to cover the expenses for hiring a nurse to help you at home. The only thing that you will need is proof that you don't make a lot of money and your medical records to show that you are suffering from stroke paralysis.

Visit a social services office to get an application and apply. Make sure that you turn in your evidence to get the medical benefits in a timely manner.

Having a home care nurse to assist you until you gain better use of your legs can make the situation easier to cope with. You don't have to allow stroke paralysis to control your life and interfere with how well your daily needs are taken care of!

For more information, contact a local home health care company, like ComForcare - North County San Diego.